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帕特里克2019 小受后面塞二十四颗珠子





主演:杰梅奈·克莱门特 凯文·让森斯 汉娜·霍克斯特拉 扬·贝弗特 伯利·兰内尔 皮埃尔·波克玛 让-本笃·尤格斯 弗朗克·维克鲁西恩 卡特简·达门 Peter Gorissen Tine van den Brande 若斯·德波夫 Janne Desmet Ariane Van Vliet Louis van der Waal Françoise Chichéry 

更新时间:2020-05-18 03:54:05

简介:小受后面塞二十四颗珠子 Patrick lives with his parents on a naturist campsite. When his father dies he finds himself in charge of the campsite, however Patrick has other things on his mind. He has lost his favorite hammer. The long term camp guests want Patrick to get a grip on his life, but he is determined to find his hammer. His search becomes an existential quest - Patrick is a family drama about peoples peculiarities, about letting go and being happy with who you are.