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警花变色龙 看黄神器2017手机软件

导演:Sondra Locke 




主演:Theresa Russell ...Lottie Mason Jeff Fahey...Stan George Dzundza...Lt. Joe Morgan 

更新时间:2020-06-24 10:27:04

简介:看黄神器2017手机软件 In "Impulse" a female undercover cop (Russell) stings johns, gets involved with a drug bust, and...yada yada yada. A typical and ordinary Hollywood crime genre product with Russell and Fahey sharing the spotlight, "Impulse" is a par flick, shot entirely in and around L.A., with the usual ugly bad guys, macho cops, chases, shootouts, etc. with the emphasis on drama over action. Nothing new here. Best enjoyed with your favorite beverage and munchies.